Pax Titanus Book Signing: A Quick Recap

Table is set. Ready to go.
Table is set. Ready to go.

So last Sunday I joined over 40 authors at the Locally Grown Words Book Fair, an annual event organized by the infinitely cool, indie bookstore, Bookmark It.

This store is fighting the good fight. All indie authors, all local. Something you don’t see much these days. They are always hosting events and they have been super supportive of yours truly.

An for an author with a small but loyal following, setting up my first local book signing for PAX TITANUS under the emotional safety net of a larger event minimized the nagging fear that I think anyone who had a birthday party when he was 7 and none of the kids showed up because his birthday is during a school break so there was no way to remind anyone about the party because it was 1977 so there’s no texting or instant messaging and you’d have to call everyone to just be sure and nobody did that back then you just showed up if you said you were going to or you called with your apologies and ever since he always worries that if he throws a party that no one will show up because no one actually likes him it’s all just a big put-on.


What just happened?

Anyway. It was a stellar day. Solid Florida December weather. Cool, sunny, and dry. Many old friends, several new friends, and other familiar faces came by to pick up a copy of my crazy little book. I also gave out a bunch of kickass Pax Titanus bookmarks, explained bizarro fiction those new to the genre and I may have set up a reading event or two.

And, if you think I should stop by your town, spit some words, and shuck some books — just let me know. I’m down.

Pouting because the day was over. I AM NOT DUCKFACING SO DON'T EVEN.
Pouting because the day was over. I AM NOT DUCKFACING SO DON’T EVEN.

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