Blue Collar Publishing

Hopes and dreams.

We all have them, but are we willing to make the necessary sacrifice? For most, this means blood, sweat, fear, risk, and bravery.

Here’s a wonderful essay by one indie press publisher and what he’s doing to make his dreams a reality.

Inspired stuff.

broken river books

Carlton Mellick III once told me that if I really wanted to make this career as a writer and a publisher work, I’d quit my job and work at it full time. The stress and the pressure would act as an impetus to get the job done. Mellick is a large man, an imposing figure, but he speaks quietly, and for whatever reason, whatever he says I take as gospel. So I did it. And now here I am.

Where exactly is that?

Several years ago, I wrote a piece for a now-defunct online magazine called “The Low Tide Showcased a Promised Land.” I had just taken a job at a tire shop. Before that, I moved furniture for a living. I woke up early, I lifted heavy shit onto a truck, and I went to people houses or apartments and unloaded that shit with my partner and we hauled…

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