Tom Lucas Interviewed by Writer Groupie


My press tour continues with my recent interview with Kim Smith, host of the Writer Groupie podcast.

Kim is a warm and fun host who was not familiar with bizarro fiction but was eager to learn all about it. I’m new to the scene myself, so I sincerely hope that I did it justice.

Some of the things I talked about (the interview is nearly 30 minutes long):

  • Bizarro Fiction
  • BizarroCon
  • My new book, Pax Titanus
  • The writing life
  • And apparently, the best writing advice she has ever heard. 

Kim has this interview posted in a couple convenient locations:

Her website: Kim Smith: Author

The Writer Groupie YouTube Channel

She also has her podcast on iTunes and I know I will be over there soon as well.

Thanks to Kim for having me on her show. If you have a minute, check out Writer Groupie on Facebook and like her page. She’s good people, and we all know there ain’t many of those around.


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