Book Review: You Might Just Make It Out Of This Alive

You Might Just Make It Out Of This Alive by Garrett Cook

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From the Back Cover:

From the Wonderland Award winning author of Time Pimp and Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective comes a new collection of weird, horrifying, and heartfelt stories.


Re-Mancipator – When zombie Abraham Lincolns start running amuck, John Wilkes Booth, Marilyn Monroe, and other greats from history must save the day!

Dieselpig – The beloved Smiley the Pig is here to save us from the Catholic Church. And he’s brought a shit ton of guns!

Brian’s Girl – A gorgeous woman arrives one day at a man’s door for anonymous sex. It’s not a dream come true- it’s the beginning of a cult that will change the world.

Plus fifteen more strange and beautiful tales.

Now then…

I finished this book about a week ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. Or it can’t stop thinking about me. I haven’t figured that part out yet.

During a late-night reading session, I experienced a poor man’s Cronenberg body-book symbiosis. This very book pulled itself out of my grip, slowly crawled across my chest and began to push itself inward into my stomach cavity in a brutal act of reverse childbirth or some forcible symbiosis.

It became a part of me. It’s impossible for a book such as this not to. It’s horrific and beautiful, poetic and dangerous, and sexually intense in the way great art always is.

This diverse collection of short stories from Cook is not a light read. It’s so apparent as you work your way through the book (and yes, it’s work – you need to strap that thinking cap on tight, Sally) that he’s a heavyweight with the written word. Each story inspires deep reflection, each page is a subliminal message and every sentence hints at ancient code. This book begs you to unpack it and solve its mysteries.

There is so much more than the story between the covers. There is so much more than what is on the page. Garrett Cook has written with such flourish, passion, and skill that you will suspect that what you are reading and what it actually means are two drastically different things…and by god, one day you will figure it out. Call me when you do. Let’s compare notes.

The book will twist your stomach, your mind and your heart. This might not be a choice for reading on a summer holiday, but if you are looking for something to use for your Master’s Thesis, the dense lyrical colors of Cook’s latest may just be the paint for your palette.

Highly recommended.


7 thoughts on “Book Review: You Might Just Make It Out Of This Alive”

  1. Wow Tom, I definitely wanted to read Garrett’s latest, but now after reading your review here, I am chomping at the bit. Foaming at the mouth. It’s one of the most well written reviews I’ve ever read. As you well know, I’ve been taking Garrett’s workshops since last year, and I never want to stop. I am a lifer for the environment he creates. My creative process is amplified by his workshops, and I am eternally grateful. This is no bs: It’s like taking a class with Poe or Kafka. I can’t recommend Garrett’s help enough. Here I go again, sounding like Dennis Hopper’s character in Apocalypse Now. Garrett is the man. He is showing us how to rise above mediocrity in our art. He is an authentic power of example, as he guides us through undiscovered country.

      1. You’re welcome Tom! Waiting to read Garrett’s latest collection here is like waiting to hear a new album by the Beatles. Never equated an author’s collection of short stories to a Rock&Roll LP before. Garrett always reminds us of how stories and poetry began as song(s). Garrett’s Bizarro is powerfully elegant. Not everybody has the time or the desire to teach other writers how to write within this unique genre. I am very grateful that Garrett is one of those rare few who do.

    1. Awesome 🙆 brother! Looking forward to that. BTW can you please edit that ‘does’ of mine to a ‘do’ in my previous comment? Ha?!

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