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It’s turned out to be the Summer That Wasn’t.

I am not typically one to write about the low level gripes (I am more of a high concept grief guy) but the last few months have been TOUGH. Specifically, I’ve been dealing with crippling back pain (hard to walk, hard to stand) since early spring. I’ve been stuck on the couch – a miserable house arrest. However, I’m very pleased to share with you that I have had surgery and it went very well. I’m basically pain free, aside from the post-op soreness. Soon, I hope to be at full power.

At any rate, that’s why my productivity (at least in the social media sense) has been down. For any of you who are or who have dealt with chronic pain, I salute you. The negative headspace has been very difficult to navigate. I haven’t been able to continue to press the book promotion (Pax Titanus still needs to sell some copies if I am going to prove my worth to my current publisher – please encourage your friends to buy a copy) and the latest book project has not been happening.

But I have managed to work on a few cool things…

1) I placed a short story in a horror anthology. Details when available.

2) I’ve been working on a spec script with a friend. I don’t want to jinx it, but I can tell you it’s for a TV show we’ll be pitching this fall. By the time we are ready to storm the gates, we’ll have a couple of scripts, some story bibles, and other goodies. Please cross your fingers and toes for us.

3) I spent three days last month in Spring Hill acting the fool. Technically, I was just acting. The role was of an abrasive, sarcastic father. I don’t even have an acting career and I already have to take roles for “older” actors. WTH???

It’s a short, student film (current title is “Water Heater”). Amateur all the way around…in a good way. It’s currently being edited and when it’s released, I will definitely share it with you. Until then, feel free to like the film’s Facebook page for updates.

4) Right before I went into surgery, I was able to get the Fan Packs out in the mail. FINALLY. The pain had made it damn near impossible. If you were expecting to get one and did not, please use the contact page to shoot me a message and I will take care of it for you.

5) And my last bit of news (totally saving the best for last) is that I am now the co-host of a smashing new podcast – MattyLovesPodcast. Yeah, I’m not sure how to promote my part in it with that kind of title. I place all blame on the host, Matt de Simone. So far it’s been an absolute blast. We mainly talk comics, but also movies, games, TV, and books.

We have four episodes published and will be gunning for every Friday from now until the end of time (or potentially sooner). We are using YouTube as our base of operations, but once we have 12 episodes (issues), we will have a volume and we’ll be getting the show up on a more traditional podcast platform (iTunes, etc.) for your downloading and listening pleasure.

Episode 1: PILOT

YouTube Link:

Published on Jul 3, 2015
In the introductory podcast, MATT de SIMONE and ‘Dr.’ TOM LUCAS discuss:
– The scariest films of their childhood
– “Engelbert Cumberpatch”
– Good news: Fallout 4 is coming out
– Bad news: Fallout 4 is coming out
– What’s good and random on Netflix?
– The pain in the ass that is the Oregon Trail

Episode 2: The Effects of Geekdom

YouTube Link:

Published on July 10, 2015
‘Dr.’ Tom and I discuss how comics, film, and other forms of entertainment have affected our damaged brains forever in the best ways possible.

– The X-Men taught me a lot of about social acceptance.
– Tom had a copy of the very first printing of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1… Stay tuned for later episodes to find out why he doesn’t have it now.
– Watchmen blew our minds. Tom did not want to wait over a month for Rorschach’s origin reveal to be released. I read my brother’s copy.
– Tom is Slade Wilson.
– Here are a few Google Images for this week:
– “Dave Gibbons Art”
–  “R Crumb Art”
– “George Perez Teen Titans Covers” or “Nightwing Teen Titans Costume”
– A few bands to Spotify this week:
– Cock Sparrer
– Sham 69
– KISS is one of my favorite bands ever made. They taught me how to write cheeky lyrics. “Take Me” also taught me about Paul Stanley’s sexual innuendos. I explain.
– Tom loved “The Weekend Top-40” as a kid–until The Sex Pistols.
– Miyagisms.

Episode 3: For a Good Time, Spare Some of Your Expenses
YouTube Link:

– Tom pitched JMS’ Midnight Nation.
– Matt is digging the Secret Wars tie-in Where Monsters Dwell.
– Do you want to spend $5 on a cup of coffee DAILY? Or a comic book weekly?
– Grant Morrison is the new Heavy Metal E-I-C, and Matt and Tom are stoked.
– Fans in Great Britain: Please send Tom all your exclusive Judge Dredd hard cover collections. For free. Email the show at to let us know.
– A Rob Liefeld dedication episode is coming.
– Matt’s obsessed with the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game and wants to tell you about it.

Episode 4: Saturday was for Kids, Man.

YouTube Link:

– ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ doesn’t hold up well. Buck Rodgers takes place in Chicago. Matt never knew this. Both properties had some sweet toys.
– Speaking of toys, there were a lot of toy companies that created toys and then had television shows created based on the action figure line. G.I. Joe is an excellent example. The comics were badass too. There were actually 155 issues (not the 133 Matt says). The guys talk about the Joes, Cobra and The Terrordrome.
– Tom’s mother’s vinyl collection is sick. Matt and Tom riff on why vinyl records are the best and deduce that these records are worth a small, yet priceless fortune. Collecting vinyl records is a lot like collecting comics. All of these collectables feel like time travelers.
– Google: Drew Struzan.
– The main topic of conversation revolves around the greatness that was the Saturday morning cartoons on network television during the late 70s and throughout the 80s.
– Thundarr The Barbarian, Goldie Gold and Action Jack, Matt’s distain for Smurfs, and you can never go wrong with Superfriends.
– Does anyone remember The Spiral Zone?
– Matt and Tom provide a breakdown of the network line-ups for specific years and more. Enjoy yourself.

We have an underused Facebook page that you can like for sometime updates.

I will also be providing links to current shows on my blog. Just look for the “Listen to my Podcast” page. Or, just check the YouTube channel every Friday. It might just be Matt and I talking, but many have told me that they truly enjoy our chemistry and perspective. Please check it out.

Ok, that’s what I got for now.

Is it obnoxious that this is my idea of not being productive? Am I a sick man?

Maybe, YES.

Talk soon. Until then, thank you for your support. YOU are the reason I keep going.



4 thoughts on “Get Yer Latest Tom Lucas News Here!”

  1. Wow, you have been busy. Sorry to hear you have been dealing with back pain. I’ve suffered with a bad back on and off for years, so I know how painful it can be. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

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