A Thank You to my Readers.

Just a quick note…

Some of you may know that I recently had back surgery. I have spent the last month at home and I am just now getting back to work. It’s been more of a struggle to keep my head straight than I thought it would be. In fact, many days of late I feel lost in the woods.

A while back I was taught that when I was living in a bad headspace, one thing I could do was to make a gratitude list — things in my life for which I was grateful to have. I’m keeping most of that list to myself, except one thing.

I am grateful for my readers. And lately, I’ve been getting a lot of visitors here and I am not entirely sure why. But it puts a big sloppy grin on my face so I will take it.

For anyone who has ever taken a minute to read one of my posts, poems, or whatevers AND/OR those who have taken the time to listen to my podcasts or interviews AND/OR to those who have read and/or reviewed my books…here’s an owl.


You are the fuel that keeps me going. THANKS!


14 thoughts on “A Thank You to my Readers.”

  1. I hope you feel better and are fully mended soon!! Keeping perspective is not easy when you are dealing with pain..so hope the clouds part and the sun shines down again soon and you feel like yourself once again.

  2. Professor Lucas (because you’ll always be that to me),

    I so glad to hear your on the mend. I myself recently had a spinal procedure and understand the headspace thing.

    As your grateful for all of us readers, us Readers are grateful for you. You’ve had an immeasurable impact on all of us and I hope you continue to get well.

  3. Super late to the game here, but hope your recovery is going well, Tom. Back surgery = no joke. Still finding inspiration in your words and look forward to checking out the podcasts…hope you are well dude!

    1. Hey man! Great to hear from you. Yeah, the back thing sucked but I am getting better every day. Right now I’m just trying to hustle book sales. I need to sell about 90 more copies of Pax, so please tell you friends!

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