Episode 6 is LIVE

Time for Friday fun. I guess you could wait until the weekend, but c’mon.


MattyLovesPodcast episode six: “The History of Comics According To Matt and Dr. Tom, Part 2”

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/wVaR9q-Jk3U

Published on Aug 7, 2015
— In the mid-90s, did anything substantial happen in comics story-wise?

— Matt still digs the original AGE OF APOCALYPSE.

— Check out the SUPERMAN run by JEPH LOEB and ED McGUINNESS.

— KINGDOM COME still plays.

— Tom has bad luck with comic book collections.

— Matt and Tom wish to be friends with KEVIN SMITH on a first name basis. Read: DAREDEVIL: GUARDIAN DEVIL.

— Would you listeners consider 2003-10 (or maybe even now) to be the “event era” of comic book history?

— Matt and Tom run through their most recent years of reading and collecting comics.



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