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Listen to my Podcast!

My latest project: co-hosting a podcast that celebrates comics, geekdom, and life.

Coming soon to proper podcast channels such as iTunes and other platforms. Don’t wait, tune in today!!!!

Episode 1: PILOT

YouTube Link:

In the introductory podcast, MATT de SIMONE and ‘Dr.’ TOM LUCAS discuss:
– The scariest films of their childhood
– “Engelbert Cumberpatch”
– Good news: Fallout 4 is coming out
– Bad news: Fallout 4 is coming out
– What’s good and random on Netflix?
– The pain in the ass that is the Oregon Trail

Episode 2: The Effects of Geekdom

YouTube Link:

‘Dr.’ Tom and Matt discuss how comics, film, and other forms of entertainment have affected our damaged brains forever in the best ways possible.

Episode 3: For a Good Time, Spare Some of Your Expenses
YouTube Link:

Matt and Tom discuss the wallet-draining powers of most Geekdom hobbies — tabletop gaming, curating collections, etc.

Episode 4: Saturday was for Kids, Man.

YouTube Link:

An exciting spin down nostalgia lane. The boys dig deep and reminisce about the glory of Saturday morning cartoons and all things related. One of our most popular episodes.

Episode 5: The History of Comics According to Matt and Dr. Tom, Part 1.

YouTube Link:

A topic so vast, it took us two episodes to cover it. In this two-parter, Matt and Dr. Tom talk about their comic book collections, their reading habits and how they’ve changed, and what’s next.

Episode 6: “The History of Comics According To Matt and Dr. Tom, Part 2”

YouTube Link:

A topic so vast, it took us two episodes to cover it. In this two-parter, Matt and Dr. Tom talk about their comic book collections, their reading habits and how they’ve changed, and what’s next.

Episode 7: “There is no ‘I’ in Team”

YouTube Link:

Who were the greatest teams ever to form in comics? TV? Movies? Find out what we think about this burning issue.


YouTube Link:

This week, Matt and “Dr.” Tom are joined by their VERY FIRST Special Guest: ED FERRARA!

Matt, Tom, and Ed discuss SUMMERSLAM 2015. What are their expectations?

Episode 9: “Force Friday”

YouTube Link:

Force Friday is now a thing. Certainly, there will be many more in the future. So, what the hell is it all about and what were we doing about it?

Episode 10: “At the Midnite Movies”

YouTube Link:

Rock Horror Picture Show. Eraserhead. Movies when the moon is high in the sky are just better. Tune in and hear our take on this cherished national tradition.

Episode 11: “The First Batman Episode”

YouTube Link:

Matt and Tom LOVE Batman. There’s no way a single hour can handle that love, you know what we mean?

Episode 12: “The Invincible Birthday”

YouTube Link:

It’s Matt’s birthday. What better way to celebrate than talk about the always-amazing Invincible comic book? How about we pretend we’re doing the movie version? What’s the plot? Who are our casting choices? Listen and find out.

Episode 13: “The Dreaded Episode 13”

YouTube Link:

All month we will be talking Halloween. All of it — from scary movies to favorite costumes to of course, the scariest comics. This first in the series features special guest, Dr. Joshua Begley. And unlike me…he did earn his PhD. LEGIT!

New show damn near every Friday! I could post every link here, but this page is getting crazy long. Click here to see all the shows current to date:

We have an underused Facebook page that you can like for sometime updates.

I will also be providing links to current shows on this page. Or, just check the YouTube channel every Friday. It might just be Matt and I talking, but many have told me that they truly enjoy our chemistry and perspective. Please check it out.


Radio Interview Now Archived

Last night’s radio interview on Writer Groupie went well. If you didn’t have a chance to tune in, it has been archived. It’s 30 min long and the first few minutes were a bit bumpy, but then we got rolling.

Thanks to Host Kim Smith for having me on the show!

To listen to the archive, click here.

Tom Lucas: Upcoming Internet Radio Interview

Tune in to this Friday’s edition of Writer Groupie Radio Show @ 11:00pm EST.

Host Kim Smith and I will talk about writing, Leather to the Corinthians, and anything else that comes to mind. It’s an open forum and Kim could ask me just about anything.

If you can’t make it, the show is archived for your future enjoyment.

Writer Groupie Radio:

Host Kim Smith:

Writer Groupie Radio FB Page:

Leather to the Corinthians: The Book Trailer

I know you’ve been waiting….after watching the video, check out these behind the scene pics. Please share!

Book Signing Party Highlights

Last Saturday, I joined forces with my Indie Author’s group to put on a Book Launch/Signing party. We all had books out for sale. It was a celebration of DIY sweetness.

Many of my colleagues and friends came out to support my book launch. It was the first of what I hope will be many book signings (fingers crossed). Hosted at The Sleeping Moon Cafe, those who made it out enjoyed cake, some laughs, and a few spoken word pieces. Here’s some footage and pics from a very unique day.

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The Dodge Tribe Rising: New AUDIO DOWNLOADS!

It’s been a while since I put any spoken word recordings on my blog…that’s because I have been busy practicing with my new band, The Dodge Tribe Rising. Featuring Dr. D-railer on guitar, and Tony Hart on drums, these two recordings are rough drafts from practice, but should give you an idea of the direction we are taking. We’ll be doing some shows in the Orlando area in the near future, and a CD is in the works. Hope ya like em, they are a bit long but oh so worth it.

Rather read it? Man you are so OLD SCHOOL!

You Seem Like a Real People Person (aka The Audition)

Come a Little Closer

There is no Filter for this Poison: AUDIO DOWNLOAD

I received some great feedback for my poem, There is no Filter for this Poison. More than I expected, and most of it good. I thought I would round out the week with this recording. Although it isn’t exactly where I want it yet, it is reasonably close to how I think the poem should sound. I think it will be some time before my spoken word readings have that professional polish I am looking for, and like everyone else, I don’t particularly care to listen to my own voice.

Rather read it? Man, you are so OLD SCHOOL. Here’s the link: