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ReadTomLucas Closed for Business. I’VE MOVED TO ROOM1331.COM!

Hello to my readers, friends, family, and those folks who only came to this site after Googling “Why Goodreads Sucks.”

When I first set up my blog in the spring of 2012, it was mainly for escape. I was languishing away in a depressing job — but it did motivate me to revisit my writings and bring me back to creating over consuming.

Since then, much has happened. I’ve seen some success and documented much of my journey here. Many of you have followed and in return, I have followed you. I’ve met so many people IRL and in the digital realm. So many cool, cool people.

I’ve also only gotten busier with every year that passes and there is happily no end in sight…but a side-effect of that has been leaving my blog to gather too much dust. A big part of it was that I had so much content — over 300 posts and too many links, images, tags, topics to manage.

As I get older, I appreciate simplicity more and more. And it’s in the spirit of simplicity that I am no longer going to post here, but rather to my new, cleaner, stripped-down site:

If you followed ReadTomLucas, I am so very grateful and I do hope that you will move with me to the new digs. I’ll be keeping my posting down to only updates, news, and fresh written works.

Hope to see you there!


I got a little creepy for ya.



So the fine folks of Ghost Parachute have once again given me a little room to strut my stuff. Here, I was going for a little Twilight Zone with a dash of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.

I seem to have found a home for my short horror fiction. It’s been a fun year contributing to this emerging publication. Who knows what tomorrow might bring?

I hope you enjoy. Art by the amazing Brett J Barr.

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Free writer’s conference — Orlando — OCLS downtown — This Saturday


If you are into writer’s conferences and happen to be in the Orlando area this weekend, I invite you to come out to the OCLS Writer’s Conference.

Located at the downtown branch, this event is completely free and features many learning sessions for writers, including a World Building class by me!

Hope to see you there. For more information, see the Facebook event here.


Pax Titanus only 5 bucks on Amazon. 50% off!

Word on the street is that Amazon is trying to make room and they are marking down a number of books!

My most recent, Pax Titanus, is currently half off…at $5, it’s cheaper than a fancy coffee at Starbucks.

Great time to pick it up. Buy a copy for a friend. Or enemy.

MattyLovesPodcast Episode 47: “A (Killing) joke.”

New show. The disaster that is The Killing Joke…adaptation.

So a week or so ago, Matt de Simone and “Dr. Tom” Lucas watched a sneak preview of DC Animation’s adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke. In this episode, the fellas took the time to discuss everything that went wrong.

With Suicide Squad coming out this week, Matt decided to create a “Death Pool.” Hear who The Street Shaman and Matty think bites it.


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FUFT vol. 7 grabs its first positive review

Someone out there loves my bizarro  Pinocchio riff!


MattyLovesPodcast Episode 46: “Stranger Things, indeed.”

New show! Matty and I breakdown the amazement that is STRANGER THINGS.

Welcome back to another episode of MattyLovesPodcast! In this episode, Matt de Simone and “Dr. Tom” Lucas discuss Netflix’s wonderful new, original series, Stranger Things. 

The fella take a look at the cast and crew, elaborate on why the show is such a breath of fresh air, and also talk about the future of the series.

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