Reviews of Leather to the Corinthians:

The Midwest Book Review

“Simply stated, Tom Lucas’ deftly written novel “Leather to The Corinthians” is a fun read that will appeal to counter-culture enthusiasts in general, and anyone who appreciates the absurdities of life in particular.” Read More…(Mason’s Bookshelf)


“Hunter S. Thompson meets Monty Python meets the Marx Brothers meets Naked Lunch…A punning pastiche of the verbal kitsch of late  twentieth/early twenty-first century America”

Alice Brook, Ramblings of an Aspiring Writer:

“Leather to the Corinthians” by Tom Lucas has the colourful chaos of Discworld, the anger and filth of Transmetro, the absurdity and speed of Alice in Wonderland, and the sharpness of A Clockwork Orange.” Read More…

Debbie Loesel Stanton

“The plot twists and turns and very amusing characters left me breathless with anticipation for more, and turned my reading experience into fast page turning.” Read More…

Carolina Bertrand

This book is an unfathomable, white-knuckle freak out they’d fire any carny or high-class Vegas lever puller for letting you on. Read More..

Michele Seminara

“Leather to the Corinthians” is like a slightly more coherent and tightly structured Naked Lunch, infused with the same kind of surreal satire and black comedy that William Burroughs so brilliantly employed.” Read More…

Zach M.

“Leather to the Corinthians” is a relentless and sprawling metalingual allegory reminding us to step back and examine our fast-food culture, and insta-grab reflexes.” Read More…

Liz C., Goodreads

“The multiple narratives, loopy characters and mélange of techno-geek speak and scenes lead you on an ongoing mental adventure that mocks modern society.” Read More…

David Laks

“Tom Lucas is a visionary. He is able to tell the truth about our way of life…” Read More…

Dominic G, EternalDomnation

” It was unlike any other book I have ever read:  fresh, raw, daring, and different…” Read More…

Constance B., Master of my Dark Twisted Make-Believe

…this book was meant for disenfranchised middle aged men contemplating doing meth, or young stoners with high IQs, or maybe it’s meant for that 50 year old black man smoking a pipe in his study ruminating on the meaning of life.” Read More…

Jenn A., Whim Notes

Expect the unexpected, such as a small handbook in the middle of the novel with a screenplay for The Big Red J, Our Savior.  You will be vastly entertained and enlightened.  If you haven’t read the Leather to the Corinthians, give it a try. Read More…

Holly Vance, The Genres of My Life

…this liberal, left-brained, straight, lover-of-Victorian literature, hair-band disciple had her mind bent, kicked, titillated, and stretched. And she liked it. Read More…

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