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On the third floor of a Los Angeles hotel, a man struggled through fitful sleep night after night. Something stood over his bed, with lingering presence. An elusive apparition, it offered him no rest. It was a summer of torment…until the cleansing.

Great stories should offer more than a moment’s escape from life’s torture rack. They should haunt us through our days, and drive us to action.

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Room 1331 Publishing and Media is proud to present our first catalog offering:
Leather to the Corinthians by Tom Lucas

Leather to the Corinthians is an absurd postmodern fable that defiantly flips a middle finger at modern American life. Through the perspectives of its multiple characters, Leather to the Corinthians explores the absurdities of organized religion, the military, big business, fast food, advertising, sex, and the media. Witty, with bitter undertones, its story possesses a satirical spirit as it plays with traditional story structure, phrasing and cultural references. Its multiple layers encourage return visits as its characters have many more unique tales to tell.



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