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Mondo Bizarro: the new MUST-HAVE Bizarro Fiction collection


Do you like Bigfoot?

How about The Last Starfighter?

Do you wish Bigfoot was in The Last Starfighter?


Read my story “Space Pig Killer” along with a gaggle of amazing other writers and stories in this new Bizarro collection!

I’m super stoked to be a part of this. I hope you dig it.



Just a Little Head Scratch

A sudden lack of inspiration
Came as quite a surprise
Perhaps I have been too busy
For the luxury of introspection

It’s not writer’s block
That’s the Bigfoot of artistic excuses
It’s not lack of voice
I am comfortable with mine

Perhaps a bit of inventory
Just a quick search of things
Don’t get too emotional
Don’t think too hard

Look left and look right
Troll the Internet for a bit
Anything worthy of address?
Anything worth my time?

The world is fucked up yet perfect
Violence, hate, misery, death
The world is beautiful
Faith, hope, love, life

Plenty to write about there.