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H.P. Lovecraft Roundtable


Recently I returned to one of the finest literary podcasts around, The Drunken Odyssey with John King.

We talked Cthulhu mythos, Lovecraft’s work overall, as well as the tentacled monster in the middle of the room — the elements of racism and xenophobia present in his original works.

How to navigate the art and the artist? Can we? Should we?

What can be learned from all of this and how best to apply it moving forward?

Did I say anything that makes me sound smart?

Have a listen and decide for yourself!

Episode 227 of The Drunken Odyssey, your favorite podcast about creative writing and literature is available on iTunes, or right click here to download.


Cooking for Cthulhu


I’m just over 30k into the manuscript for my next book. If you had to stick it on a shelf, it’s essentially horror. Although I’ve enjoyed the genre since childhood, I haven’t written much that I’d consider horror, as filling out tax forms doesn’t count as creative writing.

In the latter part of last year, I whipped up three short stories, a werewolf tale set in Detroit (“Missing”), a Key West/Robert the Doll freak out (“Live Big”), and a mondo-bizzarro Cthulhu tale (“The Pie Man”). My intention was to practice writing horror as well as First Person POV, two critical aspects of my second novel and both things that I haven’t had much experience with.

I have yet to find a home for my werewolf story, but “Live Big” will be published in Southern Haunts III in 2015, and “The Pie Man” debuted online last Sunday.

I find more enjoyment from writing after I have written something, as opposed to when I am busy bleeding onto my keyboard, but “The Pie Man” was an exception. I enjoyed every minute of planning and writing the piece. If you have the time (it’s roughly 3k words), I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

You can find “The Pie Man” over at Dark Fire Fiction (great people, BTW). Click here to be creeped out.

Photo Credit: SalaBoli via Compfight cc