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Book Review: Weaver by Katherine Arandez

Weaver (The Kervanian Chronicles #1)Weaver by Katherine Arandez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In my youth, I would often walk into the woods or neglected places and imagine that just beyond it was another world, something beyond the ordinary. I don’t think that I was unique in this way, but I may have had a more active imagination than most. Adulthood and the mundane have a way of stealing this from most.

Arandez’s Weaving evoked memories of my childhood imaginings more than once.

For those who enjoy detail-rich settings and mythologies, there is some deep down world building here. Arandez doesn’t just suggest that there is a greater world just past reality; she builds it brick by brick. It proved to be challenging at times to keep on top of all of the details, but as a first book in a series, it has some heavy lifting to do.

The plot is complex. Three children cross through a magic portal into another world and must go on a great adventure in order to get back. In itself, this seems quite familiar, but the mythology of Weaver has many layers – players and events to remember as you move forward through the story. My guess is that for those that enjoy the story, rereads will be in order to fully appreciate what is going on.

When I was younger, I loved books like Weaver. As an adult, I appreciate the amount of thought that goes into world design. Arandez has developed enough material to tell many great stories from this, and I think that she’s an author worth watching.

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Leather to the Corinthians: The Book Trailer

I know you’ve been waiting….after watching the video, check out these behind the scene pics. Please share!

Leather to the Corinthians NOW AVAILABLE!!!

The Road

Finally I can say it: Leather to the Corinthians is NOW AVAILABLE! For all of my friends and followers who have been walking with me on my journey from inspiration to editing to final product – THANK YOU. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting my work.

It’s been roughly a year since I typed the last words of the manuscript. What a year it has been.

Ready to buy the book? I certainly hope that you are. Click HERE and pick your poison. Thanks in advance! And don’t forget, it makes the perfect gift for the cool kid in your life.

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I’ll be hanging out on this Blog and my Facebook Author page ALL DAY, so stop by and give me a shout!

Thanks again, I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without you in my corner.

Other thoughts:
If you are in the Orlando area this weekend, come by my book signing!

I am also currently arranging a signing for the South Florida area, hopefully in February.

If you would like me to come to your area, help me set up a book signing. Hit me up via my contact form.

Final thoughts:
And now, an atomic bomb explosion.

One Day Left! How You Can Support the Cause.

oneTomorrow is the big day! The official release of Leather to the Corinthians!!!

I know I have been a bit spammy in the final days as I have counted down time to release, and after 12:01 AM EST, I will be switching gears and my topics a bit. I thank you for entertaining my excitement up to now.

If you are planning to buy the book, tomorrow is the perfect day to do it. And if all you do tomorrow is buy the book, you have MY ETERNAL APPRECIATION. Seriously.

However, if you would like to do a bit more and add to the fun, there are many simple things you can do to SUPPORT THE CAUSE.

Ready to help really kick this thing off? Here’s what to do.

Make sure you are logged into your Amazon account.

1. Before buying Leather, take a look around. Search for books by (and then click on them):
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2. Search for individual titles such as
• The Illuminatus Trilogy
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Leather to the Corinthians will be available tomorrow on Amazon! I hope to see you there, it’s going to be a wild day!

Only Two Days Until The World Changes Forever.

twoI thought I would start the week out in dramatic fashion. Only two more days until the Official Release of Leather to the Corinthians. Yesterday I spent time (LIE — all day) at two holiday parties, both of which were attended by many writers and creative types.

One author friend asked me, “Are you worried no one will buy your book? Are you worried that it is terrible?”

I nodded emphatically.

“Well then, you are on track. This is what every author feels before their book is launched.”

Needless to say, I was very relieved to hear that I am completely normal. At least in this respect.

As 12/12./12 will be here in a blink, I just wanted to that you for supporting this blog and my writing. I will be throwing many more thanks your way, but today I am feeling especially blessed and somewhat accomplished.

It’s going to be a very big week!

Five Days Left!!!

Only FIVE days left until the official release of Leather to the Corinthians! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everybody. And thanks in advance for your support.


How the Hell Did This Happen?

I looked in the mirror today, and I was really quite surprised.

Turns out my head is a little pumpkin with small coils of wire protruding out, conducting purple electricity like veins pump blood.

How have I never noticed this before? How could I possibly have a small pumpkin head?

Clearly evolution will not provide any illumination in this matter. Experts might study me, but they will merely mumble and hedge about, unable to make any conclusions.

My head is simply a little pumpkin.

Debates could rage, courts could hold trials and testimony would establish nothing but the most minimal facts in this case.

Simply put, my head is a little pumpkin.
Not a squash.
Not a tuber.
Definitely not a legume.
Not like any other fruit, vegetable, or flower.

Only a pumpkin, which I think makes it a gourd. If you want to be technical about it.

That’s my head.

And all these wires sprouting out from it in a Medusa-like fashion? What the hell are they there for? This is starting to stress me out. I’ll probably get hives.

What would happen if I, or a friend, an enemy, or a curious stranger were to pluck one of these wires from my pumpkin head?

Would I die?
Would I convulse?
Would I simply smile and say, “What was that for, dear chum?”

For all this conjecture, let’s not and say we did. I’m somewhat worried about the whole situation, and I should probably calm down a bit.

I think I told you, this is a recent development. At least I think so. No one has ever told me and I honestly never thought to look. Imagine my embarrassment. Imagine the feeling that you may have been going through life with a pumpkin head and no one has ever had the courage to say anything to you.

You would think someone might crack a joke at Halloween.
But NO.

What will the guys at work say? What sort of shame will my parents feel? How could I have never noticed this before? How will I get through this? What are the five stages?

Shock, Denial, Depression, Acceptance, and Thanksgiving? Is that how it goes? It’s going to take some time. Can you feel my pain? It’s OK, I don’t need your endless sympathy. I can figure this out.

I imagine that life with a pumpkin head will really not be all that different than life with a regular head. I bet that people won’t even notice, or be too afraid to say a thing.

Maybe at parties I’ll say, “I’ll bet the last thing you expected to see at the party was a guy with a pumpkin for a head.”

Or maybe I’ll say, “Go ahead and touch it. You know you want to.”

That’ll break the ice for sure!

I just don’t want people to see me as different. Pumpkin head, regular head – it’s all just the same.

I expect that some people will probably just burn in envy silently as they admire my pumpkin head, but I don’t want that. I want them to feel good about themselves. I might be a guy with a little pumpkin head, but really, I’m no different than anyone else.

Funny, I thought I would be much more upset about this whole thing, but writing it down made me feel a lot better about it.

Thank god I have a blog.