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A Thank You to my Readers.

Just a quick note…

Some of you may know that I recently had back surgery. I have spent the last month at home and I am just now getting back to work. It’s been more of a struggle to keep my head straight than I thought it would be. In fact, many days of late I feel lost in the woods.

A while back I was taught that when I was living in a bad headspace, one thing I could do was to make a gratitude list — things in my life for which I was grateful to have. I’m keeping most of that list to myself, except one thing.

I am grateful for my readers. And lately, I’ve been getting a lot of visitors here and I am not entirely sure why. But it puts a big sloppy grin on my face so I will take it.

For anyone who has ever taken a minute to read one of my posts, poems, or whatevers AND/OR those who have taken the time to listen to my podcasts or interviews AND/OR to those who have read and/or reviewed my books…here’s an owl.


You are the fuel that keeps me going. THANKS!


A New Year’s Message For YOU.

The days fly by and it’s easy to forget to call, to write, to say…I appreciate you.

New Year's Day postcard circa 1900
New Year’s Day postcard circa 1900 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life has brought its sweetness along with the bitter this year. There have been wins and losses, ground gained and ground lost, and much to reflect upon.

For those in my life – my wife, my friends, my family, and my colleagues – please know that your presence has made a difference. The favors you have granted, the shoulder you have lent, and the advice you have given…I thank you. I can’t do this alone.

For those who have provided support, a laugh or two, or just thought of me…I thank you. I needed it.

For those who stood in my way, cursed my name, or put a bee in my bonnet…I thank you. You made me stronger.

If you have someone, anyone in your life, consider yourself blessed. We are constantly told that our bowls are empty and that what we truly need to be happy is just ahead, that we can’t be happy where we are. When want trumps need, take a look around you. I promise you that there is someone who would trade lives with you in a blink.

Friends, a kind stranger, family, or true love – these things are the wealth of the world and whether you sleep on stacks of that gold or just have a coin in your pocket, know that people love you, think of you, and care. Perfectly flawed, they don’t always tell you, but know that they are there. I do. I know that I am blessed, as there are far too many people to thank.

Please know these words you read here today ARE FOR YOU.

And if no one told you this today…I love you. You’re beautiful!

Happy New Year.

With the Subtlety of a Hammer

I was stuck in traffic yesterday,
Heading home from work…in the middle of the afternoon.
Nice, right?

Large white van in front of me
Not moving. Not an inch. Dead in the water.

Check messages and fiddle with the radio.
Got nothing better to do while I wait.

There’s a little girl in the van. Just noticed her.
She is wearing a pink helmet. She’s not well.

She got an unlucky hand, life is always going to be hard.
But she seems happy and content.
I lack grace.

Traffic moves and I make my way down the road.
To the gym, to do my hamster wheel impression.
A tad overweight.

Feet pedaling, wheels spinning. Going nowhere fast.
Look out window to help pass the time.

Woman walking up to the front door. She’s blind.
She has one of those red-tipped canes and walks with confidence.
I don’t look where I’m going.

Leave gym, stop at the store.
Lessons starting to sink in. Time to reflect.
Much to be grateful for.

Waiting in line, dinner to make.
Deaf man signing with friend in front of me.
I don’t always listen.

Sitting in car. Remember that guy.
“I complained I had no shoes until I met someone with no feet.”
The prick was right.

You Seem Like a Real People Person

Been gearing up to handle the final content revision of my novel Leather to the Corinthians. This is one of my favorite rants, and I think captures the experience of the modern job hunt well.


Hey, I think you need to check your email. Did you get the autoresponse that I sent in regards to your application? The one that reads something like “thank you for applying, you have excellent qualifications, but unfortunately the position is filled.” If you received this email, you can disregard it.

I was very impressed by your interview. You were well spoken, and you sold your skill set with panache. You have the hunger in your eyes, you’re a straight shooter, and clearly, as you told me in the interview, you are a PEOPLE PERSON. A real TEAM PLAYER.

It’s an incredibly tough market. It’s hard to get a job, that’s evident by the gaps of experience on your resume. Nice resume by the way. Love the parchment paper, and no one ever uses quill and ink anymore. Are you one of those steampunk cosplayers? Do you own goggles? Ah, nevermind.

Your personal pysch evaluation results proved very interesting. Never have I seen anyone so pliable and willing that was convinced they were smarter than 95% of the population. I love this answer about aliens being discovered. You say you would be fine with it, but you are worried what other people will do. Funny, that’s what everyone says.

Your gratitude should really begin now.

Do you know how many people applied for this job? Yeah, I know your distant Uncle Earl has been working on the loading dock here for 20 years, but surely you must know that he has no juice here. Think about it, he’s still on the loading dock.

Your gratitude should really begin now.

All kinds of roaches came out of the woodwork on this one. There were kids fresh out of the educational mill, elderly fuckheads that would rather work than die, and then folks like you, folks taking a step back on the career ladder because the shit happened and now they can’t keep up with the black card monthly payments. You just had to have it, didn’t you? Hey, no judgment, I had to have it too. I am just doing a better job of keeping it, that’s all.

But that’s why you’re here, and that’s why you are so grateful. Remember that feeling when my subordinate called you and told you to come in and talk with me? Do you remember how the mere suggestion of opportunity caused you to squirt right in your pants? Never lose that appreciation. It will protect you.

Let’s get the general agreement right out of the way. Don’t expect me to take care of you. I will not look out for you. I will expect everything you have to offer each and every day. I will create policies for intangible reasons and demand you follow them. I will remove them just as quickly. And if it is a policy you don’t care for, give it two weeks. If it sucks, no one will be following it then.

I will constantly bury you in emails, phone calls, documents, and website logins. I will have a new important resource for you to master each day, and the next day I will think you are an idiot for using it. I will create forms and surveys, demand you take them, then do nothing with the results. I will be pure chaos. You will love me for it.

Your gratitude should begin now.

The paycheck you receive will be the exchange of your time and sanity for an unstable currency that is ultimately nothing but a number on a page. Remember, the name of the game is to get that number as high as possible. I am counting on your blind dragon chasing to complete this equation.

Now that we have all the official bullshit out of the way, let’s take a good look at you. Ah, you are perfect. A true beauty. Has anyone told you how beautiful you are today? Well, let me be the first.

You want this job, don’t you? You know that there are a lot of people out there who would love to trade places with you right now. Trade places with you in this very moment? Don’t be nervous, it’s ok to smile a little bit.

Now I can’t just give you the job, you still need to prove that my instincts are right, and you are the perfect person for the job. That should make you feel confident as we move forward with your audition. And, as I have told you before, you really need to express your gratitude.

Your gratitude should begin now.

I will extract my pound of flesh. If you want to travel this road, you will have to pay the toll. I will accept nothing less. Now, as you look about the office, you will notice a number of strange devices on my desk. These are my special testers, and they will help me determine if you are indeed the PERFECT FIT.

You had to know that I would expect a number of things today. I require a blood sample. A urine sample. A drug test. A hair follicle test. A personality inventory. A fingerprint. A retinal scan. And, I require a highly invasive process of finding the largest objects that your mouth and ass can physically handle. Before you walk out, just remember what it is like out there. Remember what the streets are like. Remember the creditor calls and the potential lawsuits. Now, tell yourself you can do this.

I believe in you. I believe you can handle all I have to offer. You will need to if you plan to survive with the company. We will not relent, and you can expect to take it in the ass on a daily basis. I will fuck you in the ass so hard that your soul will die a little more with each thrust, but it will pay the bills. So, bend over my desk, don’t pay any attention to the video recording device in the corner, and brace yourself.

Your gratitude should begin now.