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Why You Need to be an Artist

The need to write, the need to create, the need to express.

These urgent wants kicked in very early in life for me, and I am hard-wired for it. I cannot remember a time when creativity wasn’t a part of my daily requirements, as necessary as air and water.

However these desires do not assure that everything I create will be solid gold, top-of-the-charts awesome. That’s never stopped me. I am typically very critical of everything I write, and it’s rare that I sit back and stare at my screen impressed with myself. And that’s a good thing, because it puts me in the position to constantly push myself, and I know that one day all the gears will click, and something truly amazing will occur.

This quote was floating around my social media channels the other day, and it spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you as well. Keep writing, drawing, making music. Don’t ever stop.


Kurt Vonnegut Rocked. Also, I Have Great News.

Yesterday I had a some fun at the expense of others, and myself. I was set to put a poem up today, but over the course of events in the last 24 hours I will have to push that until tomorrow.

Had quite the breakthrough, I have landed a teaching position in a Creative Writing BFA. The course is centered on guiding students in conducting research for historical and environmental settings, which is pretty much what I have done since age 7, when I needed to know what a Bastard Sword was. I had just started playing Dungeons and Dragons and I needed to buy a good weapon for my fighter, but I wasn’t sure if a Bastard Sword was appropriate. Turns out its great for all occasions.

I have been in education for 8 years now, but have yet to be able to teach what I truly live and die for. UNTIL NOW.

As I am now jammed for the day, with a shitton of work ahead of me, I am just going to share this gem and then it’s into the trenches. Kurt Vonnegut was the first of my literary heroes, and his brief talk on story structure kills me every time. Enjoy…poem tomorrow.