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Episode 7 is LIVE!


MattyLovesPodcast episode seven: “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ (or this podcast).”

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/Fs8lpuu6KD0

Published on Aug 14, 2015
Matt and “Dr.” Tom are excited about their upcoming fall sporting events.

Good news! The DEADPOOL trailer is totally awesome.

Bad news! FANTASTIC FOUR, not so much.

Matt is already pumped up for STAR WARS this December.

What would Matt and Tom do with the FANTASTIC FOUR franchise?

What to watch on NETFLIX:
SENSE 8 (pilot)
LOST SOUL: THE DOOMED JOURNEY OF RICHARD STANLEY’S ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU – documentary on director Richard Stanley’s failed attempt to complete his work on 1996’s Island of Dr. Moreau

Matt and Tom rip through some of their FAVORITE TEAMS in the history of entertainment. Comics, television, sports–no one is safe.


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Join Me in the Cantina Tomorrow Night (7/31) – 6pm EST!


Hey folks,

Tomorrow night (Friday 7/31, 6pm EST) I’ll be a guest on one of the best Internet radio shows around: The Speculative Fiction Cantina. I’ll be doing an interview and reading a small excerpt from Pax Titanus.

It’s live streaming but there will be a recorded archive if you aren’t able to make it. Hope to “see” you there!

To listen, CLICK HERE at 6pm EST.

For more info about the show, CLICK HERE.

Mid-March Madness: Interviews with Yours Truly


For those of you who stop by my blog because you support my writing, books, and other writerly enterprises…today’s post should be a double-down of tastiness.

I recently had the chance to be the subject of two in-depth interviews and they both published within 24 hours of each other. Sweet serendipity, that’s a lot of me.

Stop by the Surreal Sermons podcast for roughly an hour of me babbling away as noteworthy podcaster Jeremy Maddux hits me with some tough questions. Click Here for Awesome.

If you are more in the mood to read instead of listen, check out this long-ish interview with me over at Paper Tape Magazine. I was asked some incredibly thoughtful questions. Click Here for Some Fun.

So yeah…I have been doing my fair share of lip-flapping. You gotta when you have books to sell. Check out these interviews and let me know how I did in the comments below.

Rock and Roll.

Lucas out.

Hey Good Looking! Get on my Mailing List and GET A FREE SHORT STORY!

That’s right, you!

So, here’s the deal…I can’t say much, but I can tell you that I will have a new book coming out in November. It completely rocks. You are going to love it.


There is additional incoming awesomeness but it’s too early to share the news.

I want to be sure that you’re in the loop, so I bit the digital bullet and set myself up a little MailChimp account.

I’d love it if you would take the plunge with me.

Sign up for my email list and I’ll send you a free Lovecraftian short story, filled with sweaty paranoia and delusion.

I wrote it just for you!

Just click on the link below. It only hurts for a second. And never fear, I am not the spamming type. That’s right — you won’t be getting a million emails from me. I’m all about the quality over quantity, baby.

MAILING LIST SIGN-UP: http://eepurl.com/3LQ4b

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Tom Lucas Featured in Writer’s Digest

writersdigestHmm, feels weird to write a headline in the third person, but the Internet gnomes told me that it is good for SEO to do so.

So, a little sprinkle of happy dust on my head today that I’d just like to share. I’m featured in an article in the current (September) issue of Writer’s Digest. The article is titled “Game-Changing Moves” and it quotes me along with a bunch of fantastically talented writers regarding decisions we’ve made that have resulted in moving our writing careers forward.

As a long-time reader and admirer of Writer’s Digest, I can’t tell you how MOTHERFORNICATINGLY cool it is to see my name in an issue. If you see me playing in traffic with a stupid grin on my face, just swerve around me. I can’t control myself sometimes.

If you’re stopping by the blog for the first time because of the article, please picture me standing in a crisp white suit, welcoming you to my Fantasy Island. Take a poke around — there’s a little something for you here, I’m sure.


Some Words Can Last a Lifetime

Today’s post comes from the news I received yesterday that an old creative writing professor of mine, Christopher T. Leland, passed away.

This kind of news always comes at curious times, and this is no exception. I have been in education for roughly eight years now, and just recently took a position in a Creative Writing BFA. This is has brought about much reflection as I have looked back to the courses I took in my undergrad, trying to find some inspiration for my own curriculum.

I have thought about the course I took with Chris many times over the past three months, and I remember it very well.

Chris was excellent at working with newbie writers. The course I took with him strictly focused on student authored writing and peer critiques, and over the semester he taught us much about reading with a critical eye and providing quality formative feedback. He had a ponytail and a fringed leather jacket (the jacket could just be my fragmented memory, but that’s how I picture him). He had an earthy kind of energy and as you can imagine, he had a laid-back style while teaching. After class, he was willing to share a beer with you while listening to your youthful dreams and aspirations, offering just enough advice to keep you grounded without crushing your dreams. Great guy.

I was in that classroom about 20 years ago, and although I would never take another class with him it didn’t matter, because he pointed out something that I would never forget.

Professor Leland once said something to me about my writing. He told me it was “clever, but not smart.” It was an honest appraisal. He was right. Over the next two decades, I have kept them in mind whenever I set upon a writing project. I honor it as best I can.

He was only my teacher for one semester but such is the infinite influence of a great educator. His brief critique lives on and I am certain I will pass this advice onto one of my students, who in turn might do the same.

And with only a few words, immortality.

Peace to you, Professor Leland. You were one of the good ones.

Just Wanted to Mention That I Was Mentioned.

I have a few great things targeted for this year – getting my writing out there, buying a house, and one I can’t quite share yet.

When I was a younger man, having tools like WordPress and Twitter would have been the answer to all my aspirations. Finally, circumstances in my life were such that I could finally dive in. In the brief time that I have had this blog, some cool things have happened, and I have no reason to doubt that there will be many more to come.

In order to reach more people, I have been sticking my nose as many social medias that I can manage…Twitter being one of the more recent. An interesting tool for Social Media junkies is Paper.li, a tool that aggregates all of the content you gobble up every day. It kind of creates a temporary website for all those nuggets…temporary meaning the content changes everyday, or multiple times a day. I had read about it some time ago, and got a cool reminder of it last Friday.

One of my Twitter connects was cool enough to put me on their Paper.li for the day. Thanks to KJ and Friends for the mention.

How cool it was to see my poem There is No Filter for this Poison on a site besides mine. BIG SHOUT-OUT TO KJ and Friends.

Here’s a screen shot of the mention, really more for me than anyone else 😛 And here’s a link to my original post: https://readtomlucas.com/2012/05/03/there-is-no-filter-for-this-poison/