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MattyLovesPodcast Episode 45: “Pokémon Go! or, no?”


NOTE: This episode was recorded over a week and a half ago. The reason for this disclaimer is to appease Matt’s Poké-ego (he’s almost a Level 22 at this point). And yes, he’s spent a little coin on the game. Enjoy Matt’s hypocrisy at the end of the episode. Thank you.

Welcome to another episode of MattyLovesPodcast!

This episode focuses on a trend that has swept the entire world (for those who can play): Pokémon Go! Matt de Simone tries to explain the game to “Dr. Tom.” 

Meanwhile, while Matt’s hunting for Pokémon, “The Street Shaman” has began to building Legos in his spare time to help dial back his time in front of the Netflix and the whatnot.

It’s a nice, relaxing, and informative episode. Enjoy!


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Matt de Simone’s blog: Mattyloves.com

Tom Lucas’ website: readtomlucas.com

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