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Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a “Like”?

In anticipation of my novel launch, I have taken the path of least resistance and set up an Author Facebook Page.

I would certainly make me feel all special if you would take the time to click “Like” on it. Besides trying to get the number up as high as possible, it does give me the opportunity to share with you more of the fun stuff that gets me through the day that just doesn’t have a place on the blog.

Follow the link or just use the widget on the side of the page. Cheers!




Another Mention. SWEET.

Another victory courtesy of Twitter.

My blog made the cut on another one of those paper.li sites. Frakking Fan-tas-tic. Thanks to @sassy_brit from alternative-read.com and her paper.li: #Writer-Wednesday Daily. I’m going to check out her site, looks like a great place to get a review for your books, people. I will say, it does look a bit NSFW. So you know, FUN.

Downside with the paper.li’s is that they update every twelve hours or whatever. So you blink, and you’re gone. I always take photos for evidence, LMAO. For one brief shining moment, I had the top story.

Just Wanted to Mention That I Was Mentioned.

I have a few great things targeted for this year – getting my writing out there, buying a house, and one I can’t quite share yet.

When I was a younger man, having tools like WordPress and Twitter would have been the answer to all my aspirations. Finally, circumstances in my life were such that I could finally dive in. In the brief time that I have had this blog, some cool things have happened, and I have no reason to doubt that there will be many more to come.

In order to reach more people, I have been sticking my nose as many social medias that I can manage…Twitter being one of the more recent. An interesting tool for Social Media junkies is Paper.li, a tool that aggregates all of the content you gobble up every day. It kind of creates a temporary website for all those nuggets…temporary meaning the content changes everyday, or multiple times a day. I had read about it some time ago, and got a cool reminder of it last Friday.

One of my Twitter connects was cool enough to put me on their Paper.li for the day. Thanks to KJ and Friends for the mention.

How cool it was to see my poem There is No Filter for this Poison on a site besides mine. BIG SHOUT-OUT TO KJ and Friends.

Here’s a screen shot of the mention, really more for me than anyone else 😛 And here’s a link to my original post: https://readtomlucas.com/2012/05/03/there-is-no-filter-for-this-poison/